Panda Blinds and child safety

As of March 2014 it is the responsibility of any blinds installation company to fit safe blinds in all homes and to educate people on the safe use of all window blinds. This may mean a totally child friendly blind is fitted or safety equipment added to the blind to make them safe. Below we have attempted to give explanations of what is available to you, the customer and to try to educate people into taking child safety seriously above and beyond the cosmetics of the blind.

I was ahead of the legislation and would never fit an unsuitable blind in a child’s bedroom. I even imported child safe connectors from America at my own cost long before the legislation came into practice.


Vertical blinds

Child safe vertical blinds

Child safe blinds

Up until now most vertical blinds have been produced using looped cords with no safety mechanism. This is a noose putting it bluntly. There are options available to secure yours or any children from something happening.
Option 1/  A mono wand operated blind. This wand takes the place of both the tilt chain and the looped cord for opening and tilting the blinds. It is by far the safest option.

Option 2/ Have all controls fixed into a special cleat that will keep the controls away from small children. If you opt for the standard control system this is a required device by law and has to be fitted even into PVC if there is no wall to screw it into.



Roller blinds

Child safe roller blinds

Panda Blinds child safe roller blinds

Standard roller blinds come with a chain mechanism. They now have to be fitted with a breakable link that will give when more than 6 kg of weight is applied to it so any child getting caught up in the chain will be able to get free.
The chain must also be screwed into the wall or PVC as a second measure with no exceptions.
Alternatives to the standard option above are.

1/ Spring tensioned mechanism, no chains are required on this type of blind so are totally friendly.

2/ Senses slow rise roller blind. A stylish blind that uses spring tension and has no trailing cords

3/ Perfect fit roller blind. A cassette that encloses the roller blind and is tensioned with no cords. These are fitted into separate window panels.

Venetian blinds

Faux wood Blinds Frodsham

Perfect for the orangery. Faux wood blinds are sleek and modern and will enhance any home.

All venetian blinds have to have a cleat fitted to the raise and lower cord so that when not in use the cords can be wrapped up high out of the way of children.

Available options
1/ Perfect fit blinds with tab control. No trailing cords and the blind is totally child friendly.

2/ All of our venetian blinds free hang come with a breakaway cleat so that if a child were to get their head stuck the cord will just come away leaving no strangulation problems. Easily put back together too.