Roller Blinds

Timeless Roller Blinds

Perhaps one of the best ways to add that unique personal touch to your interior decoration is to invest in a colourful and stylish roller blind. Unlike the more traditional styles of blinds, these can be printed with patterns, textures or motifs. Which make them much more than just a window covering. They can be used wherever you need blackout blinds, and are also perfect as bedroom blinds or kitchen blinds.

If you want to minimise light intrusion for that perfect night’s sleep, then a blackout is perhaps the best option for your bedroom blinds. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring though! Our selection of blackout blinds are actually available in a huge variety of colours and patterns – not just black! They are made from densely-woven fabric with a laminated backing. Which means that they will block out the light perfectly no matter which design you choose. Or if you prefer a lighter style of blind to offset a more subtle bedroom colour scheme, we have many paler patterns which will be the perfect match without being too overbearing.

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Bright & Colourful

You can make a real statement with one of our brightly-coloured kitchen blinds. We have floral patterns, lines, stripes, spotty, leafy and many more designs. We feature both traditional and modern pattern styles, some being figurative or retro, and others more classic and ornate. Our range also includes a wide choice of plain colour blinds, from bright primary to more subtle shades. We’re bound to have a pattern or colour that suits your design scheme. If a full-pattern blind is too much, there’s also the option to have a small motif printed at the bottom of the blind – perfect for that elegant touch. You can also opt for scalloped or braided edgings to add a bit of extra flair.

For those who want to be a bit more adventurous, we also offer our unique photo-printed roller blinds. These can be printed with cityscapes, landscapes, sunsets, or indeed any photo of your choice. A bold and striking look, perfect for apartments or that special room in the house. Another innovative product which we offer is our Diablo blind system. This system allows more control over light levels than a standard roller blind and comes in a chrome or satin finish for a very modern and adaptable look.

Whichever style you choose for your roller blinds, all of them will be extremely durable, easy to clean and can be fitted to your specifications. They can also be adapted with child-friendly safety devices. This is completely free of charge, for added peace of mind. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality at the lowest possible price, so why not browse our collection and let your imagination run wild!