Make a cheap, disposable face mask

How to make a disposable, cheap face mask.

Searching online for disposable face masks ready to start work again selling and fitting blinds, I was astounded to see just one disposable mask is going for anything around £10, if you can get hold of one that is. So, I did a bit of research and found this handy tip. It is only meant for temporary use but because they are so cheap to make its not a problem.
You will need
1/ a roll of kitchen paper
2/ a toilet roll
3/ wide masking tape
4/ a hole punch
5/ medium size rubber bands
6/ garden wire or kitchen food ties.

Make a three ply sandwich of the kitchen roll and toilet paper. Toilet paper in the centre.


Seal all four edges with the masking tape.


Cut the paper in half, this will give you two masks.

Seal the cut edges.

Punch holes in both sides.

Lay a 4 inch strip of wire across the top edge and tape it to the mask. The wire becomes the nose bridge and can be shaped around the nose once the mask is on.

Attach the four rubber bands through the punch holes. These hook over the ears.

You may need to adapt things here and there to suit you. I prefer only two rubber bands at the top and omit the two bottom ones. Just play around with the design and adapt it to your needs. Once you find the best fit you can produce as many as you want and cheap as chips.